We rent MOOG Underbridge Inspection Units

MOOG underbridge inspection units are a safe and efficient solution for inspection and renovation work on the underside and sides of a bridge structure.

We bring a new standard in the inspection of bridge structures

Do you need to work under the bridge construction or along the side of the bridge deck? Our MOOG underbridge units are exactly what you need – they are fast, safe and efficient. The machines are suitable for inspection as well as for reconstruction work.

MOOG inspection units have a sufficient vertical and horizontal reach and are highly flexible. Our machines can move on the bridge deck with the arm extended under the bridge.

An additional assortment is working platforms for access to the bridge deck from the ground.

Professional operation

Examples of use

  • Visual inspection of the protective cladding of the structure
  • Material structure defect identification
  • Maintenance and repair of the outer skin of the bridge structure
  • Core drilling

Underbridge platform units for rent



Max. horizontal range (including extension) 7 (8,02) m
Max. lowering depth 5,8 m
Max. load on platform 400 kg
MOOG MBI 110-1,2/S

MOOG MBI 110-1,2/S

Max. horizontal range (including extension) 10,39 (12,39) m
Max. lowering depth 7,15
Max. load on platform 500 kg
MOOG MBI 140-1,4/S

MOOG MBI 140-1,4/S

Max. horizontal range (including extension) 13,36 (14,62) m
Max. lowering depth 9,5 m
Max. load on platform 600 kg