The HT 43 RTJ PRO aerial work platform with an impressive height range of 42,2 meters is suitable for assembly, construction and other high-altitude work on paved ground and on less demanding terrain. More…


The HT 43 RTJ PRO self-propelled telescopic work platform from the French company HAULOTTE, which is a proven manufacturer of highly reliable assembly and work platforms, is a flexible and versatile lifting device suitable for field work due to its dimensions, construction and simple operation.

The hydraulically operated arm with a telescopically extendable and rotating work basket attached to the JIB arm allows workers in the basket to reach even the most inaccessible workplaces. The swivel body with arm and work basket can be rotated 360 degrees relative to the chassis. The basket rotates 180 degrees. The maximum range is 42,2 meters in height and 20,2 meters to the side.

The assembly platform has perfect performance thanks to its robust construction, large wheels and powerful diesel engine. The stable construction allows the platform to be moved with the arm extended.

The HT 43 RTJ PRO work platform meets strict safety regulations and international standards.




Manufacturer Haulotte
Working height 42,2 m
Horizontal outreach 20,2 m
Max. load on platform 450 kg
Platform dimensions (extension) 2,44 m x 0,91 m
Total weight 21400 kg
Space required on bridge terrain
Lenght 14,8 m
Transit width 2,5 m (3,3 m)
Transit height 3,03 m
Maximum working inclination
Maximum wind speed 12,5 m/s
Propulsion diesel
Dimensions at installation 14,8 m x 3,3 m

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