MAN TGM 18 WT450 4×4

The MAN TGM 18 WT450 aerial work platform offers maximum safety at maximum height. The work platform provides access to hard-to-reach places up to a height of 45 meters. More…


The WT450 aerial work platform on the MAN TGM 18 car chassis is suitable for assembly, construction, reconstruction and other high-altitude work that requires mobility and frequent relocation of the platform. The construction of the car and the minimal dimensions of the chassis predetermine it for use in the city and light terrain.

The platform consists of a turntable on the chassis, a boom with an articulated telescope and a work basket on the so-called JIB arm, which allows you to get the work basket even in hard-to-reach places. The maximum reach of the platform is 45 meters in height and 26 meters to the side.

The truck platform meets strict safety regulations and international standards. The stability of the platform is ensured by the subframe of the vehicle with four retractable supports that absorb the load of the platform.

The MAN TGM 18 WT450 platform has been developed to have minimal operating and maintenance costs.



Manufacturer Wumag
Max. lowering depth 6 m
Max. load on platform 600 kg
Working height 45 m
Horizontal outreach 26 m
Dimensions at installation 9,96 m x 6,52 m
Platform dimensions (extension) 2,47 m (3,88 m) x 1,05 m
Space required on bridge 4,52 m
Total weight 17680 kg
Leveling supports 4x
Lenght 9,96 m
Transit width 2,5 m
Transit height 3,98 m
Space required on bridge méně náročný terén
Maximum working inclination
Maximum wind speed 12,5 m/s
Propulsion motor vozu
Operating temperature 0°C+

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