MOOG MBI 140-1,4/S

The side reach of 14 meters and the maximum launch depth of 9,5 meters ensure that you get under the bridge deck of our largest bridges across their entire width. Efficiency guaranteed. More…


The superstructure of the MOOG underbridge inspection unit is located on the SCANIA chassis.

The machine is equipped with an above-standard lifting frame for bridging sound barriers up to a height of 4 meters and has a crane integrated into the superstructure, which can lower material weighing up to 600 kg onto the footbridge. The inspection bridge is equipped with a lifting tower, which gets the worker higher into the bridge structure. The built-in hydraulic drive allows smooth movement of the machine with the footbridge in the working position. The load capacity of the inspection platform, which rotates 180 °, is up to 600 kg. For work outside the power supply, the viewer is equipped with a 17,5 kVA generator with a voltage of 230V / 400V. Perfect parameters of lateral reach and maximum depth of start will ensure that our machine will get you even under the largest bridges, across their entire width.

We are trained directly at MOOG GmbH for safe and correct handling of the machine.

The technical solution meets all safety requirements for the design and operation of dedicated lifting equipment.




Manufacturer MOOG
Max. horizontal range (including extension) 13,36 (14,62) m
Max. lowering depth 9,5 m
Max. load on platform 600 kg
Footbridge size (including extension) 8 m - 14,62 m x 1,4 m
Max. load on telescopic platform 300 kg
Maximum extension load capacity
Max. overbridging of sidewalk 3,9 m
Max. crossing of barrier 4 m
Total weight 32000 kg
Additional scaffolding floor height 2 m
Width of platform 1,4 m
Rotation of platform 180°
Space required on bridge 2,5 m
Lenght 12 m
Width 2,55 m
Transit width 2,55 m
Transit height 4 m
Space required on bridge flat surface
Maximum working inclination 6 %
Maximum wind speed 12,5 m/s
Propulsion auto-motor
Operating temperature 0°C+

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