Volvo Palfinger P750

The highest aerial work platform in the Czech Republic! Maximum stability, maximum reach - 75 metres up, up to 39 metres sideways and a basket capacity of up to 600 kilograms - that's the Jumbo class Palfinger P750! More…


The highest model of the Jumbo class series allows you to work at up to 75 meters. Dual-telescope design with X-JIB arm allows access to otherwise difficult to reach areas.

Not only the working height, but also the lateral reach of an incredible 39 meters (with 100kg in the basket) and the negative reach of up to 15 meters below chassis level make the P750 a versatile helper for all extreme situations. The swivel basket (2 x 200°), suspended from an X-JIB arm that moves vertically through 240°, ensures you get exactly where you need to go. At more than 50 vertical metres, you can bridge an obstacle and get up to 30 metres beyond its level!

Maximum safety is provided by 4 supports with wide base alignment and electronic systems that constantly evaluate all critical parameters. The P750 can be used with the supports extended to half their length (or so that they follow the floor plan of the car). This results in a significant reduction in the space requirements for stowage.



Manufacturer Palfinger
Max. lowering depth 15 m
Max. load on platform 600 kg
Working height 75 m
Horizontal outreach 39 m
Dimensions at installation 14,1 x 8,89 m
Platform dimensions (extension) 3,81 x 1,04 m
Space required on bridge 5 m
Total weight 32 200 kg
Leveling supports 4x
Lenght 14,1 m
Transit width 2,54 m
Transit height 3,95 m
Space required on bridge light terrain
Maximum wind speed 12,5 m/s
Propulsion auto-motor

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